Monday, April 21, 2008


I'm reviving this blog because I had this dream.
A little over a month ago, I decided not to run the New Jersey marathon this year. Instead I put myself in the lottery for New York.
Then my running hit the rocks. I stopped, for a few long weeks. I have some ideas why, but it doesn't really matter--I started again.
Last week I dreamt that I got picked for New York. It was summer, I was running like crazy, and New York was coming.
So I decided to revive this blog--it worked the first time.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


I love the time change this time around. The light in the morning makes me happy and the dark in the evening makes it cozy to be home, cooking and plotting our holiday baking.
We had the best salad for supper. There's no picture, we ate it too fast. I roasted some kidney beans in the cast iron, grilled tofu, and tossed it all with greens from the CSA and my girlfriend's orange vinaigrette. Yum. Renee's got a pan of brownies in the oven. Bring on the cold!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Monday, October 15, 2007

Treading lightly

So in honor of the blogger action environmental day, I stayed home from work today. No emissions from my car, no papers that I toss in the trash because my school doesn't recycle. Just me and my girlfriend and our cats, eating noodles and saving energy.
OK, I really stayed home because I was tired/lazy/sickish and just wanted to. But I do try to tread lightly on the earth.
First there's the vegan thing. My cat Pumpkin's sitting with me as I write this. When I point at things, he follows the direction. He responds to my anxiety when it's elevated. He sleeps on my head. His consciousness is different from mine, but it's real. This is all reason enough to be vegan, but the environmental benefits are, too.
Then there's our apartment. You save some energy living in a box in a box, especially if it's old construction.
We cook almost all our food, and what I can get local, I do.
And I do recycle.
I'm hoping it all lightens my impact--I like seasons, and I'm worried about the polar bears.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

a more detailed report

A week later, and I had time to reflect more on the race, and write a more detailed report, so here it is.

We started in Forest City, at the high school. They had four volunteers for every runner, this marathon seems to be the high point of excitement in the Scranton area. Revolutionary war reenactors sounded a cannon to start the race. Forest City was filled with lots of white haired women in plastic rain bonnets standing in front of Byzantine Catholic churches cheering us on. We ran to Carbondale, which also had great support--high school bands, cheerleaders, and one little boy asking, "Is *she* the last runner, mommy?" as I chugged by. In addition to the official aid stations, there were lots of kids handing out pretzel rods (really good when you're sweating a lot) and one group with ice cold water from their well. The race went onto a rails-to-trails by a river for a few miles; it was beautiful and I got to see some changing trees at last--the foliage wasn't what we were expecting because of the hot fall. I had to stop for band-aids and take off my shoe and sock at an aid station on the trail, all the downhill running gave me blisters.

I was so happy when we finally entered Scranton. There were marathon parties on people's lawns; kids had chalked messages of good luck on the road. I had gotten slowed down a lot in the industrial outskirts, was really feeling the unseasonal heat, and walked quite a bit. Back with people and the end in sight I picked it up and ran the last two miles fast (for me.)
I finished in 5:35 and felt good about it. It was a record hot day, and so they kept the course open longer than the usual 6 hours to let the last runner finish officially--and it wasn't me. I crossed the finish line with kick left in my legs and a strong intention to run more of these.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Todays' CSA share.

Friday, October 12, 2007

recovery day five

The subway stairs leave me a little breathless, and if I get startled or angry, it takes a little longer than normal for my heart rate to go down. But I accomplished one of the things on my post marathon list. And I made even more soup.